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Roasted & Salted Almonds


Roasted to perfection, Rostaa Salted Almonds ensure freshness and richness in proteins. They are all that you need for your mid day cravings.

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Rostaa Salted Almonds

  • Rostaa Almonds are roasted to perfection making them an instant hit with everyone. The fine balance of low sodium salt and protein helps bring out the best flavour of the nuts, making these crunchy delights a perfect addition to your meals, desserts or snacks.



  • Rich source of fibre
  • Helps reduce belly fat
  • Helps to improve vision
  • Cures and prevents acne
  • Keeps cholesterol in check
  • Helps Digestion
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27 reviews for Roasted & Salted Almonds

  1. Srinivasa Murty Kallakuri

    Another great product from Rostaa. The almonds are toasted to the perfection and the amount of salt added is just right. I liked it

  2. Oldwine Rocks

    I purchase this every month as I am a subscriber of this product. Salt and pepper masala enhances the taste of roasted almond.

  3. Avantika

    I have to give it a 5 star. It is so fresh. Tasty, flavor everything is just awesome. That is why the price is also is reasonable. Best is the packaging. I don’t have to transfer it to some other box or something. It’s airtight packaging helps to keep it fresh.

  4. Laurie D.

    Was flavourful nutty and delicious, the Salted flavour was overwhelming and it tasted original and fresh. Great purchase

  5. Daya Shankar Singh

    The crunchy and salty taste of the almonds can be consumed as healthy snacks. I have only one concerns about the color of the almonds, it is bit dark and dusty. Apart from this the packaging and the flavor is good.

  6. Anji

    Crunchy and absolutely delicious almonds!! Good packaging as well. A must try product for all roasted and salted dry fruit lovers

  7. yogesh borole

    better than most likewise products available in local stores ie. quality , taste, packaging etc

  8. Pradeep kumar

    It tastes so delicious and I have never tasted such kind of almonds before. The flavour is tooooo good. Will order more and have already recommended this to my family and friends.

  9. Deepika

    These packet of almonds is really awesome. Flavor is like yummm. They are really fresh must 100% in freshness. Have really value for the money.

  10. Nitish Kumar

    Ordered Rostaa salted almonds ( 1 kg pack ) last week. Delivered within 4 days . The product came in 1 Kg sealed Pouch. I tasted the product immediately and found it to be very fresh, perfectly roasted and salted . The freshness was just the right . My kids loved the nuts and they were delighted to taste this product. I strongly recommend everyone to purchase this item from Rostaa without any concern as the almond quality is really very good and fresh.

  11. kartikey kapoor

    This is just the best salted almonds you can get to buy.. the perfect light salt and fresh crunch almonds.. very good 👍 as we tried all brands by now..

  12. george j m

    Lovely stuff, good price, lightly salted is perfect and roasted perfectly.

  13. Sukh

    This Rostaa almonds are freshly roasted and lightly salted. Gives ultimate crunch and good for health too. These are loaded with vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre. It provides the perfect crunch for every diet. Improves heart health and immunity.

  14. Avaz

    Fan of Rostaa I love this brand bcoz of its quality and taste very yummy salted and roasted almonds so good Hope always forever the quality is maintained

  15. Pravas Dalai

    Nice taste and nice snack. Bought 2 packs and got finished in 2 days. Flavor is very good. Its value for money.

  16. Anasua

    The product is good in flavor and it’s value for money, Recommended to purchase, I believe it’s very best to send as gift .

  17. swati chatterjee

    Very well packed and crisp roasted almonds. The roasting is so good and just that right amount of salt that it brings out the crispiness and sweetness in the Almonds beautifully. So if you dig roast almonds go for this with eyes closed. It may be expensive but comparable with California Almonds from. It’s just plain almonds mildly salted and roasted. Goes well as a healthy snack or with drinks.

  18. aritra mukherjee

    Very good quality, have ordered several times and it was fresh and delicious each time. Lightly salted and roasted, not fried.

  19. venkataraman

    The product is very fresh and taste.and it’s very helpful for improving brain capabilities as well as the current pandemic situation,the almond are perfect size and nice packaging also very crispy.

  20. Kaavya

    If you compare any other processed food pricing these days in the time of lockdown I think this product is far superior and better for health.

  21. jyotsna

    Taste is somewhat different but they are crunchy and fresh. Best bang for bucks. You should try it once when available

  22. Preet

    Ordered by mistake. Wanted to order normal almonds. However, these roasted almonds turned out to be good enough. Taste is good. Ziplock is good quality. It comes off in 2-3 use and I particularly ordered with ziplock to maintain quality for longer duration.

  23. Dr Suganya

    Fresh & crunchy. Just the right amount of salt. My first buy of these Rostaa almonds and I’m satisfied. Subscribed too.

  24. Anasua

    If I have to choose between cashew and almond, I would always choose cashews but these almond taste great. I have ordered 10-20 packs in last 6 months and great consistency in taste and texture. Highly recommended.

  25. saurabh singh

    These are lightly salted and very crunchy. It’s very versatile as it can be had while watching TV, with drinks or as a topping for salads and breakfast cereals.

  26. Koushik Das

    Perfectly roasted, mildly salted, fresh…. got this at a discounted price… Thank you Rostaa

  27. Nisha

    Good packaging. Product was well roasted and salted. The flavour could have been more and slightly more crispy.

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