Our Story


We are spreading wholesome goodness through our branded superfood. From sweet to savoury, our products are available in various combinations across numerous platforms. We source only the finest quality nuts and berries to make healthy eating a tasty affair.

Thoughts Become Things

Rostaa was launched in 2011. What sets us apart is our eye for quality. Right from the start we hand-pick products that are harvested at its best and nothing else. We encourage healthy living not only for health enthusiasts and but also among those who want to make small changes towards a healthier lifestyle.

Who Are We ?

Changing Minds, One Bite At A Time

We operate as India’s leading organised set-up in the branded superfood category. We are redefining the way the world looked at dry fruits, dried fruits, and berries.

Rostaa’s success story is, what dreams are made of! Rostaa has received support and encouragement in the FMCG category, and was awarded ‘India’s Most Promising Brand 2016’ by WCRC.

Breaking Barriers

Every Rostaa product goes through multiple stages of quality checks and ensures that only the best are available for its consumers. Products of the highest quality are sourced from USA, Chile, Turkey, Australia, Italy, Belgium, France, UK, Dubai, Thailand and Sri Lanka. Presently, Rostaa has three offices a strong network of over 200 distributors across India, 10 retail stores spread across the country and farms all over the globe, making it the most sort after brand in the superfoods category.


Proprietary mixes to match your mood.


Value for money, premium quality superfoods.


Fresh and healthy with no compromises on taste.

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