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Classic Almonds


Introducing Rostaa’s Gourmet Classic Almonds, grown in the finest Californian orchards and brought fresh to your table. Our almonds are the epitome of wholesomeness and flavour. They’re minimally processed and preservative-free. Grab a handful from the resealable pack for a quick, healthy snack or to take on your culinary adventure.

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Almonds are a powerhouse of nutrients known to have the highest fibre, protein, and vitamin content among tree nuts. Incorporating almonds into your diet can help reduce the risk of heart disease, improve brain function, and aid in weight management. A perfect snack for those looking for healthier snack options. 


One of the most loved nuts, the almond is rich in several nutrients that can help adults and children. The humble tear-shaped nut has a plethora of benefits, such as:

  • Weight Management: Almonds are rich in protein and fibre and, when consumed mindfully, can help keep you feeling full longer. Great for those looking for alternate snacking options.
  • Controlling Blood Sugar Levels: Due to their fibre and protein levels, almonds are classified as a low GI food. When eaten, they promote a slower and gradual rise in blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance.
  • Skin and Hair Health: Rich in vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant, regular consumption of almonds can reduce oxidative damage caused by free radicals and UV exposure.
  • Digestive Health: High in fibre, frequent intake of almonds can promote bowel movements, reduce constipation and promotes a healthy gut microbiome.
  • Mood Stabiliser: Magnesium, Vitamin E & B are all nutrients that could assist in stressful moments.


Our Almonds have a nutty taste, earthy aroma, and a crunchy texture that can balance and add an edge to many dishes. Almonds are versatile and can be added to:

  • Chopped and added to salads for added flavor and texture.
  • Eat whole as a snack.
  • Ground and made into nut butter
  • Nut milk
  • As a topping to morning cereals such as oatmeal, chia pudding
  • Crushed and used as curry garnishings
  • Served alongside cheese, fruits, and crackers on a charcuterie board
  • Added to confections such as laddoos, energy balls, 
  • Crushed or slivered and added to cake batter

Additional Information

Available in packages of 1000 gm, 500 gm, 200 gm, and 35 gm.

Storage: Store in an airtight container and keep away from sources of heat. If storing for prolonged periods, refrigerate or freeze.

Produce of USA

Manufactured by:

M/s. Farmers International Inc. 1260 Muir Avenue, Chico, CA 95973, USA

Imported, Packed & Marketed by:

Royal Dry Fruits Pvt. Ltd. 10, Rizvi House, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai-400050 Maharashtra, India.

FSSAI Licence  No. 1001150022003677

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 28g

Amount Per Serving

Total Fat14.18g
Saturated Fat1.087g
Trans Fat0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Total Carbs 5.5g
Total Sugar3.3g
Added Sugar2.2g
Dietary Fibre5.95g


Nutrition Facts

  •  A 28 gm serving of almonds contains 164 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates, which includes 3.5 grams of fiber.
  • Almonds are loaded with antioxidants that can combat oxidative stress, preventing inflammation, aging, and risk of cancer.
  • They are high in fat-soluble antioxidants like vitamin E which can help with heart health, skin, and hair. 
  • The magnesium content in 2 servings of almonds is enough to meet half the required daily intake of an adult. Magnesium can help lower blood sugar and pressure levels.
  • The combination of fibre and protein in almonds can help those looking to lose weight. 


  • How and where do I store almonds?

The correct way to store Rostaa’s Gourmet Plain Almonds is in an airtight container. It is advisable to store the container on a cool, dry, and dark shelf. They need to be kept away from direct sources of heat and moisture. Keeping them in an airtight container is important since, although they are dried nuts, they are prone to catching moisture. If stored correctly, the almonds can last up to 3 months.

Our packages are resealable and once opened, can be zip-locked and stored as is on the kitchen counter or a cool, dry shelf. They can also be stored in the refrigerator. 

  • How do I eat Almonds?

Almonds, or Badam, are usually best consumed in the morning for a boost of fibre, protein and healthy fats. They can keep you feeling full for longer periods. They can also be consumed as an evening snack. 

  • How many almonds should I consume?

As per studies, it is advised to consume 15-20 almonds daily to reap its optimum benefits.

  • Who can eat Almonds?

Children, adolescents, and adults can benefit from almonds. It is always advisable to consult with your doctor to best assess your dietary requirements. 

  • Where can I buy the best-quality Almonds?

Purchase the best-quality Almonds from Rostaa. Our almonds are suitable for everyone, free of preservatives, and available online and in stores. Rostaa also has a variety of other fruits and nuts, such as walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, trail mixes, seeds, dates, berries, and dried fruits, to fulfill your daily nutrition needs. 


35g, 200g, 1000g, 500g

51 reviews for Classic Almonds

  1. Gaurav Prabhu

    One good thing about these almonds is that they are hygienically packed in an airtight bag, unlike those almonds in the markets that are sold openly, and, so, are not as fresh. Overall, this is a better choice. Remember that almonds always taste better when they are soaked in water for a few hours. Unsoaked almonds may not taste as good and flavourful

  2. Rajuda

    Almond are extra crunchy and tasty compared to that one we purchase from market.. size is smaller, and quantity is also nice… but quality wise, I will say superb..😊

  3. Nikhill

    Really great product from Rostaa. almonds and very big in size . crispy and tasty too. Good value for money

  4. Rohit

    I was wondering whether I could get fresh almonds online. But yes, this brand is trustworthy! The almonds are fresh, product packaging is good. Overall, very happy with the purchase 😊 thanks a lot Rostaa😊😇👍👌👌

  5. Anant Agarwal

    Quality is very good. Very Crespy almond fresh and tasty also. I will buy again because of quality is good. Packing are better with double wrap. Recommended to all….

  6. Sunil Dudhane

    The packing of the product is impressive. The pack comes with a zipper so that you can keep the almonds airtight . Taste is good and it’s worth for the price. Try to buy from Rostaa who always keeps their customers satisfied .

  7. Seema parameshwaran

    Package and details are correct and the size of almonds was big – this does deserve 5+ rating and was delivered as promised

  8. Mech. Engr.

    This is the second time I’m buying the product. It’s fresh and good. Has the natural oils…

  9. Rigzen Yangdol

    Good choice to buy this. All almonds are of equal size, none is tiny or broken. It comes with lock packaging. Open it and Took the desired amount and press the packet to lock it. So its very useful and keep product safe from moisture and other damages. I recommend it to everyone.

  10. Ritesh

    I had ordered almonds for my mom for the very first time and got a call from her saying that these almonds are truely of premium quality and are really good. I was very glad to hear that from her and have decided next time if I have to buy almonds again from Rostaa, it will be of this company itself. Happy customer

  11. Sabin

    Every single almonds were very good. Good in taste, size and ripe. It was liked by my all family members. We kept it for long (2 months)and still it was in good condition.

  12. Tony

    Quite good.. comes packed in an airtight plastic cover the size of each almond is a mixture of mostly big ones and to some extent smaller ones.Crunchy and tasty and very health

  13. Socrates

    Nice Crunchy Almonds. good quality product from Rostaa. i really like the resonable packaging which keeps almonds fresh. better product compared to local market almonds. price is also reasonable. i will buy this product again

  14. Rakesh

    Ordered 2 times these almonds.. Writing reviews after using the almonds… Packing is perfect.2 times delivered with in time. No damage. These are very good in size and perfect shape. Soaked and used. Very tasty as they are soaked whole night. Started using when my wife is 5 months pregnant and loved these almonds.. As doctor suggested Daily 10 soaked almonds she taken in the morning. Usually she dont like dryfruits much. After reviewing i ordered this pack. Happy with the product and sorry for taking long time to review the product.

  15. Mithilesh Kumar

    Almonds look healthy , full bodied and thick. I made almond butter and it came out well. Need to try almond milk.

  16. sam

    Products is good, I buy it again, almond sizes is ok to local markets I bought. Test is sooooo good.

  17. Nidhin ms

    Good almonds. Like the ziplock pouch it comes in. They are big enough and taste good. Have already bought these for a couple of times now. Happy with them.

  18. S.Mallick

    The texture of almond is good, you can feel the juiciness. The skin of almond is also thing considering the price. Size wise most of the almonds are large. Its freshly packed.

  19. Saifullah

    I am eating almonds daily from 6 months this time I tried these almonds taste feel so fresh best almonds I have ever tasted. I tried Many almonds but Rostaa Classic almonds feels so fresh. FYI I kept them in water over night.

  20. Animesh Pal

    Very pleased with the quality of these ”ROSTAA” brand Almonds. They are large in size and are ”moist” when eaten, indicating that the oil in them has not been extracted. Many sellers are selling Almonds that have had their oil extracted and are hard and brittle when eaten, not to mention that without their oil content, they are also useless as they have lost all their nutrients and health benefits.

  21. Jithu Cyriac

    First impression that is packaging was premium, that gives feel of top-notch quality. Quality of almonds inside was very good. Every bite feels fresh and crisp. Quality, price and packaging all were good, good purchase.

  22. Dipankar Dey

    Almonds are fresh tasty and even size….quality is good…packaging is nice…i have received it in good condition….just go for it.


    First of all I love the packaging of the product, it comes in a airtight packet which is really travel friendly. Now coming to the badam quality Almonds are long and crunchy enough to give you nice a taste at its best.

  24. Charishma R

    Very good quality almonds. Much better than the ones that you get in the local stores. Healthy ones as well with no damaged pieces. Good for direct eating as well as for juice or shake.

  25. Deekshansh Pathak

    The product package is good.and received on time.. The flavor of almond is good..it was very good than local almonds…almonds are also in big size when I compared with local brands…received in good sealed packaging…its value for money.

  26. K Vignesh

    The price is bit higher than those available in the market, but it’s worth it. The average size of the kernels is slightly bigger than those sold in the local market. The nuts are crunchy and tasty & it is recommended to soak it in water for atleast 6 hrs, drain the water, peel off the skin and then consume it. The ones in the market that are sold open, pose serious threats to health & hygiene. It’s better to prefer the packaged ones over the open ones especially during this time, when the COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire.

  27. Gurmeet Kaur

    When compared to the market almonds, prices is bit low. When I soak the almonds overnight it’s easy to peel off the skin of the almonds. The almonds are fresh it doesn’t look old Nor saggy.

  28. Rohan Kumar De

    A very good quality almonds at reasonable price. I have received the product with latest manufacturing date as you can see in the image. I am fully satisfied with the product.

  29. Mohit Manuja Carbstrong

    Good quality, best prices. the origin and growing of foods as , i mainly use these for nut cheeses,spreads, and milk.

  30. Amith MP

    Good quality & tasty almonds compared to Other band. These are reasonably large sized Almonds and you will be pleased with the purchase.

  31. Ritesh

    I keep buying Rostaa products. They are fresh, well packed and reasonably priced. Nothing has happened until now to change that opinion.

  32. Rietesh P.

    Quality is the best for all Rostaa items, almonds are of big size and good taste almost 100,% Happy with it..

  33. Anuj

    I have tried almond it is good product I will even try the walnuts of this company it’s quiet expensive as compare to other company but quality is good it matches the rate offered

  34. Anuj

    I have tried classic almond it is good product I will even try the walnuts of this company it’s quiet expensive as compare to other company but quality is good it matches the rate offered

  35. Abhishek

    This is the best product I would suggest to buy. The price is also cheap and the quality is also good. Please try this product it’s worth every single penny you pay. I order it every fortnightly and taste is very fresh and natural Go for it do not hesitate to buy Can give a try

  36. Rahul

    Our family liked this product very much…. Flavour is very good, and it’s is so fresh and good to eat…. You feel its worth of money

  37. ajitmadh

    Almond was very good and clean. It was sealed packet I suggest this product to buy instead from local Market loose Almond.

  38. Monika

    Good quality almonds and very nice taste. Crisp and crunchy. Size is quite ok. A bit overpriced if you are cost conscious. Nice packing which retains freshness.

  39. Imran

    Really almonds r good n fresh. Realy realy super. We spend lot of money for buying almonds from local market. Affordable price

  40. Shamma Sanowar

    Awesome purchase, bought for my mom who is very skeptical about online purchases but she loved it and wants me order more from Rostaa same and other products ..

  41. Laxmi singhania

    Price and packaging all were good, good purchase. Quality of almonds inside was very good. First impression that is packaging was premium, that gives feel of top-notch quality..

  42. sivacotton

    Quality is very good and feels natural.. Will buy more products from this company again because quality matters 😊 😊

  43. Srinivasu Peta

    I’ve tried many California almonds but this was the sweetest and best quality almonds among all. Just go for it blindly.

  44. Vaibhav kumar

    Equal shape of almonds🥰 Delivery before the time Fast delivery, Good taste and happy with the product , Don’t look at all the reviews and confuse Just purchase it and enjoy

  45. Dipankar Dey

    Almonds are fresh tasty and even size….quality is good…packaging is nice…i have received it in good condition….just go for it

  46. Anuparv.

    This California almond is absolute value for money. The almonds are so good and fresh, you won’t find a single piece of bad one. I am a regular buyer of this almond from Rostaa. Go for it without a second thought.

  47. Chaitali Das

    Almonds are superb quality and truly value for money !! Very fresh and very tasty !!

  48. Miss D

    Rostaa product has really made me happy by its rich test n best quality! Till now i have purchased cashew n almond packet of almost 1 kg each and found really superior quality product both. I highly recommend this product to buy n enjoy best!

  49. Anwar Siddiqui

    Wouldn’t say they’re premium but they’re really good compared to almonds from other sellers/brands. Have tried many brands over the last couple of years and I would say this one is among the best I have tried. These almonds are fresh, big and tastes good even after you soak them in water for 8 hours (you know why it is good to soak almonds overnight…) and price is reasonable too. Should give it a try and you won’t feel sorry.

  50. Jaswinder kaur

    Quality and taste are very good. No adulteration with artificial colours. While soaking it overnight, I didn’t find any pigmentation/ coloration of the water.

  51. Ritu Jain

    There are many Almond products sold and in the open market. Most of them are costly. Some are cheap, but their quality and taste isn’t standard. This brand is by far the best you can get, when. It comes to the price and deliciousness of Almonds. California Almonds, great taste and price. Ohhh wait! The packet has a detachable zip. No need to store in any container.

  52. admin

    Thank you for purchasing from Rostaa and for your glowing review! We truly appreciate your support and are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your experience. We hope that you will consider purchasing from us again in the future. It would be our pleasure to continue providing you with excellent products and service.

  53. admin

    Thank you for purchasing from Rostaa and for your glowing review! We truly appreciate your support and are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your experience. We hope that you will consider purchasing from us again in the future. It would be our pleasure to continue providing you with excellent products and service.

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